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[1THING] Blog: Archive for the ‘Sea Life’ Category

[ January 1Thing: The Celebration of the Sea Foundation ]

The Celebration of the Sea Foundation works to inspire, educate and engage people around the world to protect the ocean and its Splash-Logoresources. A specific focus of all their initiatives is STREAM (Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Arts & Music) education for children and families.

The Foundation’s programs focus on ways in which each of us can make a positive impact on the environment while placing specific emphasis on the world’s ecological systems. Additionally, emphasis is placed on developing and supporting educational and environmental programs for inner city students and families.

The Celebration of the Sea Foundation is also proud to have developed the World Ocean Watch (WOW) Environmental and Educational Marine Science Program & Eco-Link™ to train students around the world to serve as ambassadors for our planet’s oceans. The Eco-Link Challenge is an open call for students to serve as Eco-Reporters and submit environmentally based Public Service Announcements and short form informational videos to engage and educate the public on critical environmental issues around the world.

“Watch It Don’t Botch It” video produced for the Celebration of the Sea Eco-Link Challenge by brothers Christian Petrisko (age 16), Derek Petrisko (age 14) and Landon Petrisko (age 12):



  • To promote a sense of global stewardship towards the environment and the living things that inhabit it.
  • To produce engaging and educational programs for families, teachers and students.
  • To make the world of science, exploration and the arts exciting and interesting to both children and adults.
  • To utilize interactive technology and outreach programs to motivate everyone to want to learn about the environment and protect the animals that inhabit it.


To emphasize ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY in the production of the following – all of which promote the theme of community (how all aspects of the environment, including human activity, are intricately related) and all of which strive to motivate people, particularly children, to improve current environmental conditions:

  • Educational programs and ancillary support materials for classrooms and families.
  • Live and recorded video content for television and social media networks as well as custom apps and web based interactive broadcasts for schools and family home viewing.
  • Traveling exhibitions to be showcased at high profile public forums, leading aquariums, maritime centers, museums and entertainment facilities.
  • Concerts, festivals and special events.
  • Field expeditions (in-reach/out-reach programs) for students, teachers and families. (Many expeditions have a diving/snorkeling and exploration component).

For more information, visit their website here!


[ It’s Manatee Awareness Month. Let’s Celebrate. ]

If you don’t like manatees, what’s wrong with you?

Florida takes a lot of criticism, but it’s done one thing right.

In 2005, the Sunshine State declared November “Manatee Awareness Month” to promote the protection of Florida’s official marine mammal. We couldn’t approve more.

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[ Endangered sea turtles sue over Broward beach practices ]

The Associated Press

Fort Lauderdale

Sun Sentinel

The plaintiffs are Green Sea Turtle, Loggerhead Sea Turtle and Leatherback Sea Turtle, and they’re suing over what a lawyer calls disruptive beach practices in Broward County.

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Sometimes called a sea cow, this large aquatic relative of the elephant is usually found in shallow and warm coastal areas feeding on plants like sea grass. Unfortunately, the Florida manatee population is endangered, and these animals face a number of human-made threats. In November, as manatees search for the warm-water shelters once common along the Florida coast, we take this time to raise public awareness of the threats to these beloved but endangered sea creatures.

How you can Help >

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FWC’s Manatee Program


[ Record Year for Florida Green Turtles ]

The number of nests counted across the state has wildlife officials celebrating.

By October 12, 2015

It’s been a record-breaking year for Florida’s green turtles.

That’s the conclusion drawn by experts at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute after the results of a recent survey were released.

“Green turtles broke a new Index Nesting Beach Survey record with approximately 28,000 nests on 26 index beaches this year,” the agency on its Facebook page.

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